Dale Hutchison, Chris Wimsett and Dale Dignum will be handling setting up golf on Saturday morning May 18th. Green fees for Hawk's Landing are  $75.00  plus tax.
The Golf Course is located at the hotel. If you would like to play please contact Dale or Dale.  We were thinking of a scramble format on Saturday.  

Dale Hutchison: hutch1951@comcast.net
Dale Dignum:  daledignum@aol.com

Who's playing so far on Satudrday 5/18
                                   Chris Wimsett     Vicki Rice
                                   Dale Hutchison    Tim Rice
                                   Dale Dignum        John Smolak
                                   TerryFerrero         Mike Dely
                                   Craig Martin          Tommy Fields
                                   Ron McGinnis       Julian Dalzell
                                   Rick Farres            Blaine Strickland
                                   Dan Elliot               Kyle Hutchison